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Weight Loss

In our hectic world, our work schedules and eating habits often leave us overweight, out of shape, and at risk for death and disease.  Nonetheless, we have an answer for those wanting to lose weight.  Our Evolution weight loss program allows one to lose weight safely and effectively without the use of surgery, drugs, or fad diets that don't work!  When doing the Evolution program, one can easily lose a pound to a pound and a half a day on the program.  Under the guidance of Dr. Jason Marucci, you will be monitored to ensure that you are losing weight and achieving your goals. 

Our program consists of the 3 options depending on how much weight one needs to lose. 

26 Day Plan: Lose up to 15 lbs. → weight loss transformations for those with a B.M.I. of 25 or higher 

43 Day Plan: Lose up to 34 lbs. → weight loss transformations for those with a B.M.I. of 25 or higher

2, 4, or 6 Week Active Lifestyle Plan: Lose 15-34 lbs. → weight loss transformations for those with a B.M.I. of 20 or higher


Our Evolution program consists of the following: 

  • Professional formula of hA2cg from DesBio
  • At home Detoxification program through homeopathic drops
  • Office visits to chart your progress
  • Meal plan and guidelines
  • Recipes for each program
  • State of the art technology combined with mind/body medicine to achieve optimal weight loss results

Advanced Products and Patient Care With Integrity
What makes Dr. Marucci's Evolution Weightless Program different? DesBio's hA2cg Evolution is the most comprehensive, homeopathic product ever designed to support medically supervised, calorie-restricted weight-loss plans. Available exclusively through healthcare professionals, DesBio’s hA2cg Evolution is the only homeopathic product on the market that contains AACG-A and AACG-B — bioidentical active amino acid chain groups that have been naturally found in the hCG molecule.

These concentrated homeopathic amino acid chains combined with our 21 homeopathic supportive ingredients, help your patients maximize the potential of their weight-management plan. These ingredients have been utilized effectively by over 50,000 patients, and they address other issues commonly associated with a weight loss program, such as hunger, energy management, immune support, and even emotional issues.

This unique formulation supports crucial body systems to:

  • Help control appetite, reduce hunger, support glucose metabolism
  • Support organ systems involved in metabolism, detoxification, and drainage
  • Help reduce uncomfortable side-effects associated with dieting, including: low moods, lack of energy, and fatigue
  • Diminish plateaus and ineffective periods of weight loss and improve successful maintenance of weight


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