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Women's Health

        With the help of Dr. Marucci I was able to once again enjoy life to its fullest and find joy in the little things that to often get over looked when we aren't living our lives with the optimal health we can. My life had been a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs the past 7 years and looking back possibly even longer due to a condition called estrogen dominance. The sad fact is I didn't know why I felt so out of sorts on a daily basis because no other doctor had suggested this could be the problem. I am sure countless other women are suffering from this same problem and I would be remiss not to share my success story and tell them how Dr. Marucci restored my life and in doing so helped me to reconnect with my family as well. 

        The majority of my symptoms started after the birth of my son in 2002.  I was often tired and my emotions were a real mess. I would feel happy and elated one minute and depressed the next. I would go through drastic mood swings and couldn't even really pin point what would cause them. Initially, my obgyn suggested it was probably post partum depression and that as my hormones returned to normal I should feel better.  After feeling that way for several more months, I returned once again to my obgyn.    I told her more of the problems I was experiencing and that some of the seemed to start long before I was pregnant, actually in my early twenties.  She felt my symptoms were in fact related more to PMDD. If you have never heard of it PMDD stands for pre menstrual dysphonic disorder.  Basically, PMDD is all the symptoms associated with PMS multiplied by a million and lasting twice as long. It was difficult to deal with because it would start every month one to two weeks before my next menstrual cycle and last for a couple of days into it. Literally two weeks out of every month I was depressed, agitated and lethargic.   My obgyn felt the best way to resolve the problem was a mild anti depressant and therapy. However, even after six months of therapy and using the anti depressants I didn't feel a whole lot better.    There wasn't much else she felt that she could do since the anti depressants and therapy was ineffective. I didn't want to become addicted to them so I stopped taking them and her only remedy for me was to start taking them again if I felt they helped get me over the rough spots until my monthly menstrual cycle started.   My family doctor suggested the same thing.  With no clear cut way to solve my problem I felt the only course of action was to accept that I had this PMDD or at least what had been diagnosed as PMDD.  The thing that kept nagging at me was why if this should only affect me for two weeks before my menstrual cycle each month then how come basically every day I felt the same way. Some days I didn't care if I got up and when I did I was in a bad mood with nothing even causing it. Other days I felt fine but I could go from feeling great to nit picking at every little thing my son or husband did then next minute and becoming unreasonable and emotional about it and then swinging back to being fine in a couple of hours again.  In addition I had other issues that added to the depression I already felt. Since the birth of my son I had no sex drive at all. I could have cared less if my husband and I were intimate. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy intercourse because I did, I just didn't have the desire for it. I was also gaining weight and over the course of the 7 years from 2002 to 2009 I had gained twenty pounds. Most of it seemed to collect in my stomach area, hips and thighs. My husband didn't care and thankfully loved me the way I was and didn't focus on my looks, but it bothered me immensely, as women know we are our own worst critics.  

       I think that I really started to get scared and wonder if there was something more wrong with me than I was aware of in the fall of 2008. I would often find myself napping after I put my son on the bus. This was not something I did all the time and as it became a daily occurrence I started to become concerned. I would get up and do a couple of things around the house and feel like a ton of bricks hit me so I would sit down and rest and next thing I know I had slept for two hours. I had very low metabolism and couldn't seem to find the desire to exercise.  What made matters worse was that I started to have insomnia. Since I napped during the day I often didn't go to bed until 1 in the morning and once I did I didn't sleep well.   I was restless and would toss and turn all night. With no sleep at night and naps during the day my body couldn't get on a normal schedule. As a result of the lack of sleep I was often unfocused and my thinking was fuzzy and I found it easy to forget the simplest of things.   I was achy and sore and my back and neck always hurt.   I just felt like a complete mess but had resigned myself to the fact that this was my life and blamed a lot of my symptoms on age, stress or a touch of something whether it was allergies, a cold coming on or the flu.  My husband felt really bad that I never felt great and it was in February of 2009 that he suggested I see Dr. Marucci.  

      My husband Tony felt that perhaps Dr. Marucci could help me at least with my back and neck. Tony had been a patient of Dr. Marucci's for several months now and had outstanding results as Dr. Marucci aided him in improving his posture, his walking and he continued working with Tony to help him regain his muscle strength and coordination in his back and legs.  Tony had a hip replacement in 2003 and because he hadn't finished his physical therapy he had numerous complications as a result. His success story with Dr. Marucci is remarkable as well and hopefully you'll be able to read it at another time.    However as for myself, I so desperately needed relief from the pain in my back and neck that I agreed to go and see him.  Up until my appointment I always believed that a chiropractor primarily specialized in working on the back, neck and muscles but once I became a patient of Dr. Marucci's,  I  found out how wrong I was. 

      His knowledge of not only traditional medicine but alternative treatments to healing the mind and body has truly been a blessing. On my initial consultation with him we discussed my health history and what was currently going on.  After reviewing all of my symptoms he suggested that I look at a chart on his wall and asked if the symptoms listed matched mine. As far as I was concerned my name may as well have been on the top of that chart, all I could think was that this was me in a nut shell. I suffered from all of them, weight gain, irritability, insomnia, mood swings, depression, decreased sex drive, foggy thinking, sluggish metabolism, allergies, cold hands and feet and a few more symptoms that were listed as well.  I asked Dr. Marucci what this meant and he said it was very possible that I suffered from low progesterone in my body or a condition known as estrogen dominance. I am sure from television commercials and TV ads that many women like me have heard the term.  It didn't know what it meant let alone believe I could be suffering from it.  Based on what I had heard, I associated it with menopause, but Dr. Marucci said it can actually be a pre menopausal condition. He then asked me when the last time was that I felt really good and he also asked me how my pregnancy was. I thought this was an odd question, but thinking back I told him that it was excellent and that I felt great, in fact that was actually the last time I felt terrific. While I was pregnant I gained little weight, I napped very little and my mood was great.   

      I asked him what that had to do with this condition and he explained further. He said that when the estrogen and progesterone levels in your body are unbalanced, one can dominate over the other, in this case the estrogen and when the progesterone is to low all the symptoms I deal with daily will occur. However, during pregnancy the progesterone levels rise and equal the estrogen and that's why I felt great wile I was pregnant. Soon after a woman gives birth though, the progesterone levels decrease and the estrogen once again dominates and with it the associated problems return.     In addition he let me know that as women get older and move into pre menopause the body produces less progesterone so these symptoms that may have been more mild in my twenties have intensified now that I'm in my late thirties.  

       Dr. Marucci suggested that to find out if this was in fact the problem I could do a very simple at home saliva test.  The results would be sent to a lab and would give us an idea of exactly what was going on in my body.  The test kit was simple, painless and had very easy to follow instructions. The results were back in about one week and I'll never forget what Dr. Marucci said to me after he read them, he said,"Looking at these I'm amazed you can even get up in the morning" and I told him "you know what I amazed that I do too because some days honestly I'd rather not", that is how all consuming this had become for me and my family. I was elated to know that this problem that plagued me for years could finally be resolved and knowing that something could actually be done was a euphoric feeling. I just couldn't believe after how many doctors I had seen and talked to not once have any one of them suggested this could be the problem Dr. Marucci suggested at this point that he would like to get my  obgyn  involved to see if she could write me a prescription for what he called compounding pharmaceuticals.  He explained that he felt these combinations of medicines would be better than a general prescription such as the anti depressants because everybody's body is made differently and what may work for one person is not necessarily good for someone else. Therefore, if your treatment is made specifically for your bodies needs the results are much better.  This really made a lot of sense to me and I thought how great it was going to be to get all of my doctors on the same page so I would have more than one source to aid me in my recovery. Unfortunately, when Dr. Marucci contacted my gynecologist she told him she did not support this course of action and that she never heard of this saliva test. Furthermore, she said to her knowledge she didn't know of any proof that it would work and dismissed him and everything he wanted to do to help me. We were both shocked and upset that she was so unwilling to even entertain the idea.  Perhaps this was something new that she could look into and use to assist her patients further in the future. I felt so let down, if I had suffered from low progesterone for years I wondered just how many other women felt the same way daily and didn't realize it was something beyond their control and it could be fixed. 

      Since this route to recovery was closed Dr. Marruci felt we could still correct the estrogen dominance with a homeopathic progesterone cream.   Rubbing into the skin a couple times a day would reintroduce the progesterone into my body and raise the levels back to normal.   In addition he gave me two other supplements to correct deficiencies found in the saliva test as well.  I was really overjoyed at everything I was learning about the body and mind I had basically given up on.  It was a huge relief to know I was not going to need to spend the rest of my life on anti depressants or spending thousands of dollars on therapy that was ineffective and didn't fix the problem only masked it for a while.  

      On my journey to recovery I have found it really fascinating to learn how closely the mind and body function together.  Now that we had started to correct my progesterone deficiency we continued to work on the rest of me through adjustments to my neck, back, spine.  As Dr. Marucci explained in the simplest of terms, the brain is like a railroad sending messages to all parts of the body using the spine as the messenger. If the spine is out of alignment then it's like the train is off the track and your body stops functioning properly. With some spinal adjustments, the message started getting through to my body and my aches and pains in my back, neck and also other areas such as my hips and legs were alleviated. It's amazing to me how many parts of my body ached to the point that they were sore to the touch.  It never registered that each part was connected with my spine and back and since they were out of alignment everything else was affected and as we fixed the back and spine with therapy the other areas started to feel better as well.  

       I now see Dr. Marucci as needed to do adjustments if necessary and what a huge improvement it has made to my over all well being.  As for the progesterone cream, the results were astounding and quick. After 4 days using the cream I noticed a difference, a sense of serenity was returning. I was able to think more clearly and not fly off the handle so quickly. With the combination of the cream and supplements working together to heal my body I started to notice changes to the way I felt in days.  The end results, my patience has increased and my son is seeing a nicer side of mommy, one that he unfortunately didn't have a chance to see to often in his short 7 years on this earth.    Since being treated by Dr. Marucci there have been so many positive results it's hard to mention them all but I've written about the most significant.  My energy level has dramatically increased and I'm no longer napping in the afternoon.  With the increased energy level, I've started exercising regularly and in the course of the two months since we started treatment I've lost 7 pounds which feels great.   I am making it my goal to continue to move toward my ideal weight and buying smaller size clothes for the first time in seven years feels fantastic. It feels great to have people look at you and say, "Wow you look good, what have you been doing" rather than that silent look up and down that says, "What the hell happened to you?"   My grateful husband has been seeing the return of the woman he fell in love with and married 9 years ago. I'm more tolerant, less weepy and I think he has probably said a thousand thank you's for the increase in my sex drive. 

 I could never find the adequate words to express my gratitude to Dr. Marucci. You see while as a wife and mother I had always managed to take care of my family I had neglected to take care of myself and as a result not only did I suffer for years but my family did as well. As my mind and body continue to heal I am able to heal my relationship with my family. One that could have been irretrievably broken if I had continued down the path I was on.  If any other women can relate to my story then you know perfectly well what I have gone through and I'm sure your experience has been the same.  Estrogen dominance seems like such a simple term when you say it. Furthermore, when you try to explain it to people don't be surprised if they react as if you're crazy.  It's hard for them to understand that something can actually be causing all of these raging emotions and slew of other symptoms that are associated with having low progesterone levels in your body.   The thing I have come to recognize most is that having this Estrogen Dominance does exactly that it dominates every facet of your life.  

      Please consider seeing Dr. Marucci and discussing the possibility that you may suffer from this as well. Such a simple test and the results it could yield could restore your life. Although no two women's bodies are alike and the test results may show something different from mine, Dr. Marucci can and will find what works best for you.  Every woman deserves to live an optimal life and please don't let your primary care physician or your obgyn tell you that you are as good as your every going to be. Doctors, regardless of the field they are in have an obligation to heal; this simply can't be done if they close themselves off to sources, remedies, treatments and options beyond what they already know.  Good luck and may all of you have the outstanding success that both myself and my family have had with Dr. Marucci and his staff.  

With warmest wishes for a beautiful life! Kerry G.

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