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_1.jpegPain is an equal opportunity employer.  It does not discriminate against race, religion, or economic status.  My lifelong struggle with pain began to manifest when I was 24 years old after several head injuries, whiplash from several accidents and stress.  The chiropractors, too numerous to mention in Michigan and Ohio, were all very qualified, caring doctors and were able to relieve some pain temporarily.

Now 36 years later, at the age of sixty, divine intervention now led this weary woman with fibromyalgia, with pain from literally my head to my toes to a new chiropractic physician I never noticed during my daily walks down Canfield road. 

I looked up and saw picture and a sign of a new chiropractic physician, Dr. Jason Marucci, pondered whether to make an appointment and felt this is my time for healing.

Immediately I had hope and began to see improvement with Dr. Marucci's individualized treatment plan for me.  When he stated that I met the requirements for a non-surgical solution to pain where standard chiropractic manipulations had minimal results, an MUA, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, I was educated by video in Dr. Marucci's office, given articles and websites to research.  He explained that manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that is intended for patients that suffer from acute and chronic pain.  The procedure would break up adhesions in the joints, increased range of motion, release muscle tension and increased flexibility without tearing tissue while we were relaxed.

I began to feel a better sense of well-being and hoped that was connected to my Pastor's, Bishop Norman L. Wagner's, mission statement of improving the quality and longevity of life.  I also believed when pastor and others prayed for me before the procedure on September 11-13, 2008, that I would be healed.

It is indeed after the 3-day procedure, that my headaches, neck, shoulder, and back pains were gone.  My left arm could now support me and prevent the falls I experienced in the bathtubs.  My knees no longer locked, which caused me to topple and fall down the stairs twice.  My abdomen which was filled with fecal matter due to thirty years of constipation began to release waste and reduced in size.  The fibromyalgia which cause chronic fatigue and extreme stiffness, making it very difficult to move no longer limited my mobility and alleviated most of the fatigue.

Fellow patient shared there miraculous testimonies and one young lady stated her mother stated,"I haven't felt this good in five years."  Another woman stated, "My arm was killing me, but now I believe I'll be able to return to work after three years."  My testimony is that I no longer feel like a tin man that needs to be oiled daily just function. God is my sustainer and in life He ordered my steps down the right path at the right time to the right person in my season the need.  He sent health and healing.

I appreciated everyone who coordinated the procedure with phone calls from Shawna in Florida, and Fred in the office staff from Dr. Betras and Dr. Marucci's office as well as the Shaker Heights Surgical Staff, Drew our daily van driver and certainly last but not least the surgical team that was there with Dr. Marucci every morning encouraging us.

I feel great and while in the postoperative procedure of the treatment plan, Dr. Marucci administered checkups and recommends modalities of therapy.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jason T. Marucci, and his WellnessCenter. 

With much love and gratitude,
Cheryl J. Foster

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