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My senior year as a Boardman spartan, during the very first game of the year, I unfortunately sustained a very painful shoulder injury. But as a captain of my team and a future Ohio State Buckeye, I knew that I had a duty to my team to get as healthy as possible, as soon as possible. That Saturday following our first gameI must have had at least three different doctor appointments. But none of the doctors understood how important time was to me, and unfortunately I was at their will when it came to physical therapy appointments. Luckily, my head coach D.J. Ogilvie referred me to a former Spartan and, unfortunately, former Miami Hurricane to get me the top of the line therapy as soon as I needed it and as often. This doctor was none other than Dr. Marucci.

I was in his office that Monday, and every other day of that week making sure I would not miss the rest of the season. Due to his knowledge of how important time and quality of therapy are to athletes need, I was able to only miss that week of practice, and was back on the field that Friday night. No pills. No shots. Nothing that would mask the pain. Just quality therapy from a former athlete who can sympathize with other athletes' special needs.

-Corey Linsley
2008 Football Captain 


In June of 2008, just two months before the start of my senior football season, I sustained a major injury in my left leg during a football conditioning drill.  When I was advised to see a doctor I was initially told that my hamstring was pulled but was later informed by a therapy specialist that it was a complete tear due to the overwhelming bruise accumulated from my upper hamstring to my ankle.  I underwent extensive rehabilitation procedures three times a week for six weeks.  I was told that my leg should be at full strength and that I should be able to compete at maximum level. From the start of summer practice until the beginning of double sessions, I ran and played through great pain at an estimated 3/4 of my maximum speed.  I would not be able to play my senior season of football in the condition my leg was in. 

During the second week of double sessions I was referred to Dr. Jason Marucci.  I had heard from numerous sources that he used state of the art laser treatment to treat his patients.  I was skeptical of the procedure at first but I couldn't afford to waste any more time in healing my hamstring.  The first time I attended Dr. Marucci's office I learned that he was a chiropractor and I thought he would not be able to help my problem.  Through treatment I further learned that Dr. Marucci is very efficient in healing any muscle or bone problem.  After only one visit to Dr. Marucci's office, I felt significantly better and within a week I was able to compete at maximum level for the first time since I sustained my injury.   

I would refer, without hesitation, any athlete with an injury to Dr. Jason Marucci.  Dr. Marucci is truly a Spartan at heart and cares about Boardman athletes passionately.  I believe it is his ultimate goal to get athletes or any of his patients back to maximum health and back on the playing field.  Dr. Marucci is a very personable professional who works well with young adults.  I recommend his services to anyone in need of physical relief.

-Alex Antonucci
2008 Football Captain 

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