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Dr._Marucci_PIC.jpgPlaying sports my entire life, unfortunately I know pain.  While playing football on the 1991 National Champion Miami Hurricanes I was injured and underwent intense physical therapy.  This consisted of 2 or 3 sessions every day for about 10 consecutive days with an end result of little improvement.  Growing up in Boardman, Ohio I had been treated with chiropractic care routinely, so on my own, and without the approval of the University of Miami staff I found a chiropractor in Miami and sought help.  After just one session I was back on the practice field the following day.  This had such a big influence on me that I decided to pursue chiropractic as a profession. 

As a chiropractor I live by a code that follows the path of natural health and a belief in the body's ability to heal itself.  Over the years my path has crossed with many others who share similar success stories with natural healthcare.  Our team is comprised of individuals who have had similar experiences with either their own personal health or that of their patients or loved ones. 

In my first year of practice a patient was referred to me by the owner of an MRI facility that was next door to my office.  When he called to schedule the appointment for his friend we both learned that I was not a provider for his particular insurance plan.  As a courtesy to my neighbor I agreed to see the patient and an appointment was set.  The patient entered my office with his medical records and an MRI under his arm.  I remember he was a very serious man and was quite concerned that he had a surgery scheduled for his condition.  After an examination I began to report what I had found.  The patient sat there listening intently and watching as I pointed out the areas on his MRI and then indicated on my anatomical models and pictures what I felt his condition was.  After which I explained what chiropractic was and what I would recommend as a course of care.  The man agreed and I proceeded with to make the corrections to his spine.  As the patient was leaving I apologized to him, explaining his insurance carrier had denied my application and therefore I could not accept him as a regular patient, but that it had been a pleasure meeting him and I wished him luck with his ailment and surgery.  The next day I received a call from that patient informing me that his condition had drastically improved and he hadn't felt that good in years.  So good in fact that he had already canceled his surgery.  I was excited for him; I could hear the relief in his voice.  He informed me that he was coming back for more treatments and that his insurance company was going to accept me as new provider.  It turned out that he had failed to mention that he was on the board of directors for that particular insurance company.

That's the spirit of our business.  Naturally improving the quality of life.

A few years ago a loved one was diagnosed with terminal cancer and underwent traditional allopathic treatment prescribed by her oncologist.  The result of that treatment was ineffective and left her physically and mentally exhausted.  In an attempt to help I searched for alternative therapies via books and the internet.  What I uncovered was a vast, largely contradictory base of information that had no apparent cohesiveness or credibility, only testimonials and liability disclaimers.  However, I eventually found some great information that help my loved one regain strength and improve the quality of the life she had left.

I have incorporated much of what I have learned into my own life and the results have been amazing.  I now experience a level of health and a feeling of well being that I could not have imagined.  Wellness is our birthright; it is a tragedy that so many of us accept the loss of that vitality.  The process of finding the right information and assimilating it was difficult for me.  I couldn't help but think that if I, who had medical training, found it difficult to wade through the seemingly never ending flow of information, then what was it like for the rest of the population.  What that experience left me with was the big idea.

The concept was a facility designed to help one regain and maintain health naturally.  By incorporating adjunct therapies into patient management we are able to make the appropriate lifestyle adjustments to improve the quality of life.  The key to these lifestyle changes is education.  It is our responsibility to filter the information, evaluate the supplements and the wellness products and provide our patients only the highest quality wellness care products and to provide professional services with integrity.  No mater what the level or the individual's current health, we can improve upon it, always striving for balance.

That's the spirit of our business.  Providing our patients with the tools they need to improve the quality of their lives naturally. 

My goal is to increase the quality of my patient's lives by improving their health and overall state of wellness.  We accomplish this through a multidisciplinary team approach.  Once the current level of health is established, through a comprehensive evaluation, our team consults with the client to develop individualized wellness goals.   We incorporate innovative and state of the art programs to restore health, vitality, and wellness based on those goals.  Our services and products are holistic, individualized, and designed as lifestyle enhancements to restore health.

My primary aim is to live life to the fullest in each individual moment while continuously striving for enlightenment through the balanced path of spiritual, intellectual, and physical excellence with the highest level of integrity and respect for nature.  I invite you to experience true health and vitality, it is your birthright!

That's the spirit of our business.  That is my promise to you.  A dedicated team approach to improving your quality of life, naturally!

Jason T. Marucci, D.C.


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