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I am ready, willing and able to exercise

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Posted on 11-10-2015

The next statement to clear when eliminating emotional barriers to exercise, based on an earlier post, is “I am ready, willing and able to exercise”

People tend to start diets and exercise programs corresponding to a calendar, and usually on a Monday.  How many times has anyone started either an exercise routine or a diet on a Wednesday?  Mondays or the first of the month are the highest reported times to begin any lifestyle change.  The bad part about this mentality is that, knowing you are entering into a challenge on a particular date, people tend to get a last hurrah in prior to kick off any program.  That “last supper” mentality can set you back a few days.

So being READY, WILLING, & ABLE to begin or continue any exercise routine is critical to long term success.  When we think about being READY for something there are various things to take into consideration.  Usually we have hit a pretty low point and are fed up with the condition of our bodies, our health, our energy levels or maybe even our lives.  There is a tipping point when change is desired.  Another occurs when the pain of change is less than the pain of our current condition.

Recently a friend told me that he had canceled his appointment with his cardiologist because he needed to lose 20lbs before he saw him.  Think about that mentality.  He was avoiding a check up to an important medical exam because he knew he had not met the expectations of his physician.  That’s a dangerous position to be in with a heart condition.  Consider the “why” as to why you aren’t ready to begin or continue exercise.  The “I’m too out of shape to start exercising” thought is a dangerous one.  When you aren’t exercising there with never be a better time to start then right now.

Let’s take a look at WILLING.  Willing is defined as ready, eager, or prepared to do something.  Sometimes we over think exercise.  Exercise can be as simple as taking a walk or stretching.  Although people tend to have more success with a structured program, not having one shouldn’t cause one to be stagnant.  In traditional Chinese medicine stagnation is believed to be the cause of all sickness.  Feeling unprepared for exercise can be an emotional barrier reinforced by comparing ourselves to celebrity athletes and exercise gurus.  Take the time to ponder the “why” you don’t feel prepared or willing to exercise if that’s the barrier holding you back.

Out of these potential barriers the ABLE is the easiest to see when looking inward.  Being able to exercise can be truly blocked by physical limitations.  If you have a physical issue that limits your ability to move there may be some aspects of exercise you simply are unable to perform.  That being said, there are many forms of exercise and your perception of being able may be limiting your potential.  We can create our own self limiting beliefs about what we can and can’t do.  I deal with patients daily that have no hesitation telling me what they “can’t” do because of their physical problems.  My response is usually, “I understand, let’s figure out what you can do and start there”.   When we see wrestlers with no legs or paralyzed basketball players or runners using blades it must make us reconsider what we are able to do.  Reconsider your definition of able and adjust your mind in order to remove yet another barrier that is holding you back.

If you are really ready, willing, & able to start exercising but feel that you need guidance, support, and resources, please call our office today at 330-286-3669 to talk to either  Dr. Marucci or our on staff fitness coach to help you find the right program for you!

I am OK with exercising

I am ready, willing and able to exercise

It is safe to exercise

It is good for me to exercise

It is good for others for me to exercise

I want to exercise

I believe I can exercise

I can honor exercising

I am worthy of exercising

I can be supported by others for me to exercise

I can have the energy to exercise

I can have the time to exercise

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